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Renew Computer Company (R.C.C.) S.A. is one the Greek largest technology services and consulting organizations in the refurbished computer industry. During the 4 years of its establishment, RENEW has become the most competitive refurbished computer enterprise with the highest level of modernization in Greece. In addition, RENEW has obtained the status of Refurbisher, a rigorous and lengthy licensing process, where the company has to meet a minimum average threshold. In fact, RENEW ships out over 3,000 units a month, professionally refurbishing desktops, laptops and servers with genuine Microsoft software. Computers are loaded with Windows 10 plus, Windows Live services and Microsoft Security Essentials and provides a complete refurbished PC solution,which is a great value for businesses or homes.

While its primary operation is the refurbished computers, RENEW produces high quality of refurbished products (offering four major brands of products from HP, DELL, IBM and LENOVO) with a great degree of technological content and added intrinsic value. The quality of the refurbished computers not only satisfy the demands in the Greek market, but also they get exported via our worldwide marketing network to many different countries and regions including countries in Europe like Cyprus and Africa etc. The products of Renew are widely used in industries including school boards, home appliances, businesses, retail stores, manufacturing, electronic instruments, home businesses etc.

Looking into the future, RENEW will continue to enhance our capabilities in cutting-edge technologies, services, information-based operations, and a combination of environment management and quality production, so as to be developed from a national into a global enterprise. RENEW is also seeking to extend its business to cover a wider range of refurbished computer products and also to transform the Company from a manufacturer to a service provider. By these means, we seek to realize our vision of becoming a leader in computer technology, a driver of the green industry and a corporate model for enterprise development.

First of all and foremost, RENEW is characterized by its people. Pretention is our spirit, consideration is our path, innovation and high level of services are our main goal. RENEW is full of vigor as we look with confidence towards the future.

Renew Computer Company SA, is a member of Active group (www.active.gr)

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